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Meer muziek in uw organisatie

Annie Hoekstra and De Swingel

Annie Hoekstra started De Swingel end of 2006. Before this, she worked for many years as a social worker and as a Consultant for Education. Clients and partners describe her as an inspired, professional and practical woman who is firmly grounded.
"…….Why Walk when you can fly ………… " Mary Chapin Carpenter

Network of experts

Annie provides support for organisations and employees undergoing growth and change. In addition, she is constantly involved with her own personal growth. She is a member of an international intervision group of supervisors and organisational consultants. Since 1989, she is actively involved in a large international network of counsellors. 

One of Annie’s sources of inspiration is a quote from the writer and poet Maya Angelou:
The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor, and style.

“This inspirational quote from Maya Angelou has endured with me for years. In essence, it illustrates what it is that motivates De Swingel: To live instead of surviving; Strength instead of victimrole. Stepping forward instead of giving up. Finding out where you can play your strength the best. Finding new paths and inspiration for your organisation. Working on growth and learning how to learn. Always with passion, compassion and humour.”

  • Member of Het Teamrolgilde
  • Registered with the LVSC (National Supervision and Coaching Association) under number S 11488 H
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