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Meer muziek in uw organisatie

(Team)coaching, supervision and training of employees and organisations

De Swingel provides advice and coaching for organisations and individuals involved in professional growth and development. De Swingel is funded in years of experience and expertise. Together, we work on putting more music back into in your organisation or career!
".....mar hjoed is der gjin hâlden oan. Hjoed set ik útein en haw de wink begrepen. Alle bergen wol ik nimme alle paden wol ik gean en libje yn de delling fan de frede." Berber van der Geest

De Swingel provides:

  • Supervision and intervision according to LVSC guidelines 
  • Coaching for strenghtening personal leadership
  • Support by transition in organisations
  • Career orientation and career reflection days for groups.
  • Workshops f.e. sustainable employability and life-/career-stages.
  • Research on individual and team qualities using Belbin team roles
  • Leadership development and support of management teams
  • Team development and training

If you’d like to find out how De Swingel can provide support for you or your organisation, please contact Annie Hoekstra for an obligation-free appointment either by email or by calling +31 (0)6-54 35 84 25.

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