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Meer muziek in uw organisatie

Synergy through working in partnership

De Swingel regularly works in partnership with other trainers, coaches and experts. With each new assignment, we consider whether we need to supplement our team and, if so, the type of partner who would be most suitable for the job in terms of experience and skills. There follows below a list of the partners with whom De Singel has worked and their responses to our partnership.
"I have learned that, in order to bring about change, one must take the first step, or else it will not be done

" Rosa Parks

  • Verte

    De Swingel works in close alliance with Verte. We conduct joint team-training courses, career orientation days and workshops. We read the latest specialist literature and enrol jointly in training courses to further our expertise.

    “Annie is een zeer deskundige, professionele vakvrouw. Ze weet met warme betrokkenheid bij de kern te komen en mensen verder te helpen. Ze heeft veel kwaliteiten die ze op een heel natuurlijke manier inzet.” Aaltsje de Jong, Verte, http://www.verte.nl

  • Fri! Terschelling

    De Swingel works together with Fri! Terschelling in secondary education for long-term team development programmes combined with intervision groups.

    “Annie is een trainer die de grote lijn goed bewaakt, met gevoel voor inhoud, relatie en proces. Samen begeleiden we grotere groepen bij organisatieverandering, samenwerking en communicatie.” Marije Bijlsma-Breeuwsma, Fri! Terschelling, http://www.fri-terschelling.nl

  • International intervision group ‘In Spirit'

    Since 2008, Annie Hoekstra of De Swingel has been part of an international intervision group together with six colleagues from five European countries. This is a group of professionals specialising in supervision and organisational development.

    Annie: “Once a year we work for four days together on complex cases and, in that context, we take advantage of our differences in approach and our national backgrounds.”

    “For years now I have been working regularly with Annie in the international intervision group. I deeply value her large experience as a coach, consultant and supervisor, her humanistic approach, her reliability and her deep emotion. To work together with her on cases in a multicultural environment was like playing Jazz together with a master musician.” Elisabeth Alder, Wuerrer, INC Training & Consulting, s.r.o. - Intercultural - Networks - Change - Bratislava 821 09- Slovakia http://www.inctrainconsult.eu
    “Annie is a very trustworthy friend and colleague, gentle and strong at the same time. Her work approach is structural, goal oriented and warm and sensitive. There is one word for all that: maturity.” Kaupo Saue, Estland, http://www.creates.ee
  • AMSTOR Entertainment and Training

    AMSTOR regularly provides training-course actors for De Swingel’s team building or training exercises. In these training sessions, AMSTOR’s actors are used in role-plays with De Swingel supervising the proces.

    “Annie Hoekstra is een enthousiaste en inspirerende trainer waar AMSTOR zich bij thuis voelt. De samenwerking tussen beide partijen is zoals de stelling: 1 + 1 = 3.” Rense Rotsma, AMSTOR Entertainment en Trainingen, http://www.amstor.nl

  • Instituut voor mens en relatie

    Anne-Maeike Jorritsma is a colleague supervisor for many years. Annie Hoekstra: “We’ve kept up with each other as friends and colleagues since the time of our higher vocational education study programme. We have both been influenced by the work of I. Nagy. Anne-Maeike has made his ideas her life’s work.”

    “Annie werkt vol overtuiging, serieus en met lol. Het is onvermijdelijk dat dit overslaat op klanten.” Anne-Maeike Jorritsma - Instituut voor Mens en Relatie, Zwolle, http://www.contextuele-therapie.nl

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